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Because I was preparing for the upcoming university entrance exam, I was sent to the city to stay at my aunt and uncle's house for a while. Aunt Kana is an extremely beautiful, dignified and fashionable city woman. My aunt's education is also very high, my father also hopes that she will help me pass this exam. That night, when I was about to take a bath, I discovered Aunt Kana's underwear. Extremely sexy underwear makes a virgin boy unable to bear it and immediately masturbates. Then, when I passed by my aunt and uncle's room, I immediately discovered the two of them making love. Suddenly my aunt discovered me, I was embarrassed and returned to my room. The whole time after that, I couldn't stop thinking about my beautiful, sexy aunt. While I couldn't concentrate on studying, Aunt Kana came in. She immediately took the initiative to invite me, showing me the underwear she was wearing. Unable to resist my aunt's beauty, I lost my virginity that day. And during the time I stayed here, my aunt and I almost always stuck together every chance we had. Even though I knew it was my fault, I couldn't resist my lustful aunt.

JUFE-439 A secret affair with a slutty big-breasted aunt
 Movie Code: JUFE-439 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Kanako Ioka