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hardworking brother. unemployed brother. Hana Haruna is a gentle, big-breasted sister-in-law. One day, when my sister-in-law was cleaning my brother's room, my brother's PC saved a lot of embarrassing pictures of my brother-in-law doing housework. The sister-in-law was stunned and speechless. There, my unemployed younger brother came home from the employment guarantee office. His sister-in-law asked about the video while choosing her words so as not to hurt him. Then the unemployed younger brother burst into tears on the spot, burying his face in the round breasts of his gentle sister-in-law and begging for forgiveness...!

JJDA-013 Take your sister-in-law to the top
 Movie Code: JJDA-013 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Hana Haruna