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Ase Yuuri has a secret that she can't tell anyone, and that is... her butt has consciousness of its own! Occasionally it would take control of Ase Yuuri's body, saying and doing things against her will. One day, Ase Yuuri's ass fell in love with the new young man who moved in. next door at first sight. And so her ass immediately took control and performed lewd actions to seduce him. Unable to resist the invitation from the beautiful girl, the two made love madly. And just like that, even though she didn't want to, Ase Yuuri's ass forced her to come and fuck him. over and over again. And gradually, the feeling of joy that this young man brought conquered Ase Yuuri. Without the help of her butt to remind her, she took the initiative to find her neighbor and wanted him to satisfy her sexual desires...

HMN-412 I was captivated by my neighbor's smile
 Movie Code: HMN-412 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Ase Yuuri