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Ayaka has been married for two years, she has always wanted to have children but her husband always refuses to have sex with her. Every night she had to beg and plead, but her husband always used the excuse of having to get up early to make another appointment, and then another appointment. She really felt extremely frustrated and her sexual desire had reached its limit. This time her husband's company had three foreigners working. Her husband is in charge of training and guiding them. He asked her to teach Japanese to make it easier to work. Ayaka accidentally saw the giant cock inside the black man's pants, making her feel extremely excited. She immediately used the excuse of dirtying his pants to clean his cock with... her mouth. Then at night, she sneaked into his room and made suggestive and inviting movements that made a black man who was lonely because he was far from home unable to control himself. But that's not all, she wanted all three black men to make love to her in front of her erectile dysfunction husband to take revenge and stimulate her husband's sexual abilities.

WAAA-032 The prostitute wife and her husband's 3 black colleagues
 Movie Code: WAAA-032 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Ayaka Mochizuki