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Akane Soma is a widow and she lives with her biological daughter and son-in-law. Akane's son-in-law is a thoughtful and gallant person, he works in the office for a large company. The son-in-law is very concerned about Akane's mood and seems to understand his mother-in-law, while Akane's daughter is carefree and childish. For many days she did not allow her husband to have sex and forced him to masturbate on the sofa. Suddenly, Akane's mother-in-law came down from upstairs to find her son-in-law watching sex and then did it herself, causing Akane to hide behind the wall and masturbate. Many embarrassing situations happened between mother and son and the end result was many incestuous and secret love affairs between son-in-law and mother-in-law.

Lustful mother-in-law discovered her son-in-law masturbating
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 Actor: Akane Soma